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Our History

The professional solutions UMA TEXTILES provides manufacturers, wholesalers, Exporters, and distributors have secured its position as the leading company in the Indian textile market, and the company’s owners, employees, and clients are full partners in this ongoing success.

Values & Principles: The Leading Advantages of UMA TEXTILES

Aspiration to Excellence & Leadership - UMA TEXTILES employs strict quality indexes that lead the company to extraordinary business results, ensuring the quality of raw materials, manufacturing technology, customer service, and management techniques. The UMA TEXTILES product range is improved and updated daily to reflect this company-wide spirit of excellence.

Meticulous Management Policy - UMA TEXTILES invests in human resources, valuing professional experience and expertise alongside advanced technology and effective organizational policies in order to create excellence, personal empowerment, and added value for the client.

Transparency, Integrity & Constructive Communication - Nurturing constant, direct relationships between management, employees, and clients with the goal of creating a quality, multidisciplinary work environment oriented toward business excellence.

Expert Teams - Always prepared to create a professional solution precisely suited to the client's needs. Innovation & Modern Outlook - A forward-looking approach enables UMA TEXTILES to supply a varied, up-to-date collection that matches not only contemporary tastes, but also the specific requirements of each client.

From A-Z - The company's divisions accompany the client from the initial definition of his needs until he receives the finished product. From the design stage to the final packing of the complete product, UMA TEXTILES provides comprehensive services under one roof.

Manufacturing Quantities - All quantities are determined by the client's needs, informed by UMA TEXTILES desire to reduce costs on his behalf.

Short Lead Times - Rapid professional production is the UMA TEXTILES standard, being mindful of the client’s business interests at all times.

Exceptional Service - At UMA TEXTILES exceptional service standards are the norm.

Protecting the Environment - As a company that evolved from traditional industry and is now a model for the advanced manufacturing sector, UMA TEXTILES always takes care to protect the environment.

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